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pixel art wip
pixel craftsmanship wip(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

my first picrew i'm going to keep working on it I'll have to fix the eyes that's my maid goal and idk how to put it in the middle so you'll just have to resize it and i'm not done I still have to do the hair so that might take a while and i want to add more items so yeah enjoy what i have right now may 4th 2021 sorry about the mistakes like it said it's my first time *update* i did the hair i still want to add more hair and other things may 5th 2021

my first picrew i will continue to deal with it I'll need to fix the eyes that is my house cleaner objective and idk how to place it in the center so you'll simply need to resize it i'm not done I actually need to do the hair so that could take some time and I need to add more things indeed appreciate what I have right currently may fourth 2021 sorry about the mix-ups like it said it's my most memorable time *update* I did the hair I actually need to add more hair and different things may fifth 2021

(Translated by 'Google translate')