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[Note: I don't speak Japanese. I will be using google translate below!] It's another character creator! I wanted to make one of these myself and I just spent 9 hours straight finishing this. This is still a work in progress, so I probably will be adding more parts later on. Feel free to use as icon, avatar, etc. You are allowed to edit as well. Anything goes as long as you don't edit out my signature. Nonprofit only, please! Tumblr: Twitter: ----- [注意:日本語は話せません。 Google翻訳を使用します!] 別のキャラクタークリエーターです! 私はこれらの1つを自分で作りたかったので、これを9時間かけて仕上げました。 これはまだ進行中の作業であるため、後でさらにパーツを追加する予定です。 アイコン、アバターなどとして自由に使用してください。私の署名を編集しない限り、何でもできます。 非営利団体のみ、お願いします! ----- UPDATE 3/22: - added extra decorations (head, necklace, skin) - updated clothes to include more colors - vitiligo is now an option! - Made some parts more movable for optimal looks

[Note: I don't communicate in Japanese. I will utilize google decipher below!] It's another person maker! I needed to make one of these myself and I just burned through 9 hours in a row completing this. This is as yet a work underway, so I presumably will add more parts later on. Go ahead and use as symbol, symbol, and so forth. You are permitted to alter also. Anything goes as long as you don't alter out my mark. Charity just, please! Tumblr: Twitter: ----- [ Google] 19 ----- UPDATE 3/22: - added additional adornments (head, jewelry, skin) - refreshed garments to incorporate more tones - vitiligo is presently a choice! - Made a few sections more mobile for ideal looks

(Translated by 'Google translate')