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Our light was infinite (sky)
Our light was endless (sky)(Translated by 'Google translate')
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* This is Sky kid maker that you can use to try different outfits and create your own sky kid. This is my first time making my own picrew and it's not perfect, but I am still quite proud of it. ________________ This is based on the game "Sky children of the light" and all rights belong to TGC even if the art is mine. TGC encourages any kind of fan art and creativity: https://thatgamecompany.helpshift.com/a/sky-children-of-the-light/?p=all&s=legal-code-of-conduct&f=can-i-share-my-fan-art-and-other-sky-inspired-works&l=en Here are also the terms of service of Sky children of the light: https://thatgamecompany.helpshift.com/a/sky-children-of-the-light/?p=all&l=fi&s=legal-code-of-conduct&f=eula-terms-of-service This is fan work and is meant to be only for personal and non-profit use. _________________ I was required to list some guidelines (sorry about that). Have fun! 💜 -Violet/Sykloni

* This is Sky kid producer that you can use to attempt various outfits and make your own sky kid. This is my most memorable time making my own picrew and it's somewhat flawed, yet I am still very glad for it. ________________ This depends on the game "Sky offspring of the light" and all privileges have a place with TGC regardless of whether the workmanship is mine. TGC supports any sort of fan craftsmanship and inventiveness: https://thatgamecompany.helpshift.com/a/sky-offspring of-the-light/?p=all&s=legal-code-of-conduct&f=can-I-share-my-fan-workmanship and-other-sky-motivated works&l=en Here are additionally the terms of administration of Sky offspring of the light: https://thatgamecompany.helpshift.com/a/sky-offspring of-the-light/?p=all&l=fi&s=legal-code-of-conduct&f=eula-terms-of-administration This is fan work and is intended to be just for individual and non-benefit use. _________________ I was expected to show a few rules (sorry about that). Have some good times! -Violet/Sykloni

(Translated by 'Google translate')