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OC Maker (thin vers.) キャラ作成
OC Maker (flimsy vers.)(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

OC maker by @ShyCustis (twitter) with assistance from @CoeyKuhn (twitter). Personal use only please! (Social icons, character ref, etc) Special thanks to @klimtsonian (twitter) and @thefablemarket (instagram) for allowing me to include some of their jewelry designs in this Picrew!! Link to the chubby edition: https://picrew.to/image_maker/1149084

OC producer by @ShyCustis (twitter) with help from @CoeyKuhn (twitter). Individual utilize just please! (Social symbols, character ref, and so forth) Extraordinary thanks to @klimtsonian (twitter) and @thefablemarket (instagram) for permitting me to incorporate a portion of their gems plans in this Picrew!! Connection to the pudgy version: https://picrew.to/image_maker/1149084

(Translated by 'Google translate')