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OC Maker by Dendromancy
OC Maker by Dendromancy(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

Omg hii!! Thank you for choosing my icon maker! This maker is gender neutral and lgbtq+ friendly! It features two body types, 14 identity flags and 8 skintones :)! Please enjoy!! This is an ongoing project! Some dos and don'ts: Do NOT: -Use my icons for profit or commercial use -Use my icons without credit in bio -Attempt to remove my watermark -Edit my work Do: -Use as your icon or avatar on social media -Credit me (@dendromancy) -Share this picrew -Have fun!

Omg hii!! Much thanks to you for picking my symbol creator! This creator is unbiased and lgbtq+ cordial! It highlights two body types, 14 personality banners and 8 skintones :)! Kindly appreciate!! This is a continuous task! A few rules and regulations: Don't: -Utilize my symbols for benefit or business use -Utilize my symbols without credit in bio -Endeavor to eliminate my watermark -Alter my work Do: -Use as your symbol or symbol via web-based entertainment -Credit me (@dendromancy) -Share this picrew -Have fun!

(Translated by 'Google translate')