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not cute animal maker
not adorable creature maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
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yo make yourself a "beautiful character" this is just a test and it's not that good. feel free to use it if you like try resetting the size or color if a feature does not work change the color for hidden features!! press /!\ still in progress /!\ Japanese: 日本語: これは単なるテストであり、それほど良くはありません。 よろしければお気軽にご利用ください 機能が機能しない場合は、サイズまたは色をリセットしてみてください:) 隠しパーツの色を変えて! /!\はまだ進行中です/!\

yo make yourself a "delightful person" this is only a test and it is disappointing. go ahead and use it on the off chance that you like have a go at resetting the size or variety in the event that a component doesn't work change the variety for buried highlights!! press /!\ still in the works/!\ Japanese: :) /\/\

(Translated by 'Google translate')