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mykie's funtime surprise
mykie's funtime surprise(Translated by 'Google translate')
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i have No Idea what im doing but here it is-- this is just a test run and im honestly not an artist! just thought this would be fun! enjoy! please note: everything has arrows, please experiment with moving features around ! not everything looks quite right on the face otherwise:P !! If you use as an icon, please credit me!! do not claim work as your own!! kindly ask before editing !! you can find me on insta: @gremlincheese! Last update: 6 April ___________ 私は私が何をしているのか分かりませんが、ここにあります-これは単なるテストランであり、正直なところアーティストではありません!これは楽しいだろうと思っただけです!楽しい!あなたはインスタで私を見つけることができます:@gremlincheese!ありがとうございました! !! アイコンとして使用する場合は、クレジットしてください! 自分の仕事だと主張しないでください! 編集する前にお願いします!! 最終更新日:4月6日

i have No Clue about what im doing except for it is right here - this is only a trial and im really not a craftsman! simply thought this sounds fun! appreciate! kindly note: everything has bolts, kindly test with moving highlights around ! not all things look very right on the face otherwise:P !! In the event that you use as a symbol, kindly credit me!! try not to guarantee function as your own!! mercifully ask prior to altering !! you can track down me on insta: @gremlincheese! Last update: 6 April ___________ -@gremlincheese !! !! 46

(Translated by 'Google translate')