Musesona creator (by 2r600_LP) -

Musesona maker (by 2r600_LP)
Musesona creator (by 2r600_LP)(Translated by 'Google translate')
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파츠는 천천히 추가됩니다. The parts are added slowly. 업데이트 내역 (Update History) 1.0.0:픽크루 오픈 / Anloa, Barsou, Culum의 파츠 추가 (Picrew Open / Added parts for Anloa, Barsou and Culum) 1.0.1: 귀가 비어보이는 오류 수정 (Correct errors that appear to be hollow between ears) 1.1.0: 새로운 색상과 필터 추가 / Anloa의 머리장식 추가 / Damax의 파츠 추가 (Added New Color and Filter / Added Anloa's Headgear / Added Parts of Damax) 1.1.1: 얼굴 장식의 색깔 추가 (Add color for face decoration)

. The parts are added gradually. (Update History) 1.0.0:/Anloa, Barsou, Culum (Picrew Open/Added parts for Anloa, Barsou and Culum) 1.0.1: (Right mistakes that seem, by all accounts, to be empty between ears) 1.1.0:/Anloa/Damax (Added New Color and Filter/Added Anloa's Headgear/Added Parts of Damax) 1.1.1: (Add tone for face decoration)

(Translated by 'Google translate')