Munch's Avatar Editor [BETA] -

Munch's Avatar Editor [BETA]
Munch's Avatar Editor [BETA](Translated by 'Google translate')
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Hey, everybody! This is my first Picrew, so I still have literally no idea of how the creator works. I don't speak Japanese, and I'm using a translator to navigate around the site. This isn't done, but you can check out the things I managed to add. I will be updating this very often, so watch for updates! Thanks! (日本語) ねえ、みんな!これは私の最初のPicrewであるため、作成者がどのように機能するかについては文字通りまったくわかりません。私は日本語を話せず、翻訳者を使ってサイト内を移動しています。これは完了していませんが、追加したものを確認できます。私はこれを頻繁に更新するので、更新に注意してください!ありがとう!

Hey, everyone! This is my most memorable Picrew, so I actually have in a real sense no clue about how the maker functions. I don't communicate in Japanese, and I'm utilizing an interpreter to explore around the site. This isn't finished, however you can look at the things I figured out how to add. I will refresh this frequently, so watch for refreshes! Much obliged! () Picrew

(Translated by 'Google translate')