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Moon Maker
Moon Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

A simple avatar creator in celebration of the 1st Anniversary and our growth as a fandom. To Moons, thank you! Let's be together for a long time with our Earth <3 우리 팬덤의 성장 하고 첫 기념일 위해서 단순한 파이 크루를 만들었어요. 문들아 고마워요! 우리의 지구하고 같이 오랫 동안 함께하자.(cr: @jungyeongg) 1周年を祝うシンプルなPICREWと、ファンダムとしての私たちの成長。TOMOONりがとう!ONEUSと長い間一緒にいよう(私は日本語を話せません、ごめんなさい T_T) Notes: -Please select no back hair and/or bangs before choosing a hijab -Please credit me/leave the link when sharing your creation, thank you :D -Sorry if the translation is incorrect :( Twitter: @orangebunnit

A basic symbol maker in festival of the first Anniversary and our development as a being a fan. To Moons, bless your heart! We should be together for quite a while with our Earth <3 . ! .(cr: @jungyeongg) 1PICREWTOMOONONEUS( T_T) Notes: -Kindly select no back hair or potentially bangs prior to picking a hijab -Kindly credit me/leave the connection while sharing your creation, much obliged :D -Sorry in the event that the interpretation is erroneous :( Twitter: @orangebunnit

(Translated by 'Google translate')