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Mii2 Fashion Show
Mii2 Fashion Show(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

artist:阿树 weibo→@阿树同学监修中 twitter→@Aiggolism recording some fashions of Mii2 (JIMMY TOMMY)XDD personal use [○] commercial use [×] re-creation [×] *irregularly update I'm looking forward to the result of yahom's dressing up XD 记录一些Mii2的时装 个人用○,商用×, 二次创作× *不定期更新 期待大家的装扮结果www ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 最新更新 2021-02-07

artist: weibo@ twitter@Aiggolism recording a few designs of Mii2 JIMMY TOMMYXDD individual use [] business use [] re-creation [] *sporadically update I'm anticipating the consequence of yahom's sprucing up XD Mii2 , * www ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2021-02-07

(Translated by 'Google translate')