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marq maker アイコンメーカー
marq producer symbol maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
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english: hi!! this is my first picrew, and it's a work in progress. for individual use only, please do not claim as your own work. thank you !! (o´∀`o) 日本語: こんにちは!! これは私の最初のpicrewであり、進行中の作業です。個人使用のみ。あなた自身の仕事として主張しないでください。ありがとうございました !!(o´∀`o) (申し訳ありませんが、日本語が苦手な方は、通訳を使っています。人(_ _*) ) tag me if you post yours! i'd love to see it: アイコンを投稿したら教えてください! 見たい!: tumblr/instagram/twitter: @ opossauce to do (feel free to send me suggestions): -fix some hair issues -skin tone adjusted blush -more long hair options -more ahoge options -more hand options

english: greetings!! this is my first picrew, and it's a work underway. for individual utilize just, kindly don't guarantee as your own work. much obliged to you !! (o'o) : picrew (o'o) ((_ _*) ) label me on the off chance that you post yours! i'd very much want to see it: : tumblr/instagram/twitter: @ opossauce to do (go ahead and send me ideas): -fix some hair issues -complexion changed become flushed -all the more lengthy hair choices -more ahoge choices -more hand options

(Translated by 'Google translate')