madness battle oc -

madness combat oc
madness battle oc(Translated by 'Google translate')
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三分钟热度的很草率的一个捏捏 玩玩就好,莫得太较真orz 想扩摩多摩多暴迪oc人! 问题报告&扩列大欢迎!qq:2074795609 (听说乱点随机的小朋友晚上会被hank爬床底噢) ps:请不要用捏出来的设定直接作为oc!这样子的孩子是没有灵魂的!

A very sloppy pinch in three minutes of heat Just have fun, don't be too serious orz I want to expand Domodo and violent dioc people! Problem reports & expansions welcome! qq:2074795609 (I heard that random children will be hank climbed under the bed at night) ps: Please do not use the pinched settings directly as oc! Such a child has no soul!

(Translated by 'Google translate')