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ロブスターメーカー (lobster maker)
Lobster maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

ロブスターを作りましょう! (色のオプションも確認してください) 利用ガイドライン: アイコン:OK 画像の編集:NG 商用利用:NG 連絡先:https://twitter.com/nolliiver & https://toyhou.se/noll カメラ: noll 質問や提案は、ツイッターでご連絡ください。 EN— make a lobster! check colors for more options. usage guidelines: icon: ok editing: no commercial use: no credit me if using as an icon/posting to another site, thank you. me: https://twitter.com/nolliiver & https://toyhou.se/noll photos: me question or suggestion? contact me on twitter!

() Alright NG NG https://twitter.com/nolliiver https://toyhou.se/noll : noll EN make a lobster! really look at colors for additional choices. utilization rules: symbol: alright altering: no business use: no acknowledge me if utilizing as a symbol/presenting on another site, bless your heart. me: https://twitter.com/nolliiver and https://toyhou.se/noll photographs: me question or idea? get in touch with me on twitter!

(Translated by 'Google translate')