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Lgbunnies(Translated by 'Google translate')
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Bunnies, but make them queer. These are lgbtq+ bunnies! I’ve tried to be more inclusive than other picrews, because that was always something that bugged me. I will add more backgrounds and romance pins in the future. バニー、しかしそれらを奇妙にします。 これらはlgbtq+バニーです! 私は他のPicrewよりも包括的であるように努めました。なぜなら、それは常に私を悩ませていたからです。 今後、背景や恋愛ピンを追加していきます。 日本語が苦手な方も申し訳ありませんが、日本語が話せないのでグーグル翻訳を使いました

Rabbits, however make them strange. These are lgbtq+ rabbits! Ive attempted to be more comprehensive than other picrews, on the grounds that that was continuously something that messed with me. I will add more foundations and sentiment pins from here on out. lgbtq+ Picrew

(Translated by 'Google translate')