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LGBTQIA+ Unicorn
LGBTQIA+ Unicorn(Translated by 'Google translate')
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This Picrew was created after discovring the website "Gender Unicorn", created by Dionysis Zindros and updated by Leia. The website " Flag" was the main information ressource. This projet was realized by one person only because they thought of it... So if there are mistakes or fonctionnalities that doesn't really work, you know why. Part details : Skin = sex assigned at birth Mane = gender expression Hooves = sexuality Horn = gender identity Links : "Gender Unicorn" website : Dionysis Zindros : Leia : " Flag" :

This Picrew was made subsequent to discovring the site "Orientation Unicorn", made by Dionysis Zindros and refreshed by Leia. The site " Flag" was the primary data ressource. This projet was acknowledged by one individual simply because they considered it... So on the off chance that there are missteps or fonctionnalities that doesn't actually work, you know why. Part subtleties : Skin = sex relegated upon entering the world Mane = orientation articulation Hooves = sexuality Horn = orientation character Joins : "Orientation Unicorn" site : Dionysis Zindros : Leia : " Flag" :

(Translated by 'Google translate')