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Icon Maker!
Icon Maker!(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

これは私が作ったキャラクタークリエーターです。まだ追加中です!使用する場合はタグを付けてください。私のTwitterはdeluxeday_です。 (翻訳にはウェブトランスレータを使用しました。親切にしてください; w;) -- Hi! This is an icon maker I made. It is completely a work in process. If you use please credit me/share ;w; twit: @deluxeday_ Feel free to request items I used a web translator to translate so pls be gentle if it doesn't make sense.

Twitterdeluxeday_ ; w; -- Howdy! This is a symbol producer I made. It is totally a work in process. In the event that you use kindly credit me/share ;w; joke: @deluxeday_ Feel allowed to demand things I utilized a web interpreter to decipher so pls be delicate on the off chance that it doesn't make sense.

(Translated by 'Google translate')