human type thump (WIP) -

human type beat™ (WIP)
human type thump (WIP)(Translated by 'Google translate')
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english: hi, this picrew isn't really finished so don't fret!! i've been working on it for a while and i've finally let it out, so enjoy! you can edit, but make sure my signature is still visible and it's recognizable please! and don't use to profit from, thank you! <3 tumblr: japanese: こんにちは、このpicrewは実際には完成していないので、心配しないでください!!しばらく取り組んできましたが、ようやく手放しましたので、お楽しみください! 編集することはできますが、私の署名がまだ表示されていて、認識できることを確認してください。利益を得るために使用しないでください、ありがとう! <3 tumblr:https//

english: howdy, this picrew isn't exactly gotten done fret don't as well!! i've been dealing with it for some time and i've at long last let it out, so appreciate! you can alter, yet ensure my mark is as yet apparent and it's conspicuous please! furthermore, don't use to benefit from, much obliged! <3 tumblr: japanese: picrew!! <3 tumblrhttps//

(Translated by 'Google translate')