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Hill Valley High School Locker
Hill Valley High School Locker(Translated by 'Google translate')
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소모임 [Back to the "Eighteen"]의 엔딩폼 제작용 픽크루입니다. 각자의 개성에 맞는 재밌는 락커를 만들어주세요. 개인 가공 OK, 색변경, 파츠 추가 등 가공은 자유롭게 해주세요. *가방 파츠 배치 오류 수정했습니다.

This is a pick crew for making the ending form for the small group [Back to the "Eighteen"]. Please make a fun locker that suits your personality. Please feel free to process such as personal processing OK, color change, and parts addition. *Fixed an error in bag parts placement.

(Translated by 'Google translate')