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Hero Squid Maker
Hero Squid Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

(私は日本語が話せないので、文法が悪いことをおpoびします。) 個人用の編集は受け入れられます。 商業目的の使用および自作の発言、悪意のある使用の禁止。 Twitterの@mellocideから提案や新しいパーツを尋ねることができます。 選択する色が多すぎるため、髪を着色するオプションが付属していません。 編集により、自分で髪を着色することができます。 ゾンビのイカやタコの髪の毛には単一のオプションがあります。 イラストのスタイルなので、体や口を作ることはできません。 --- (I can't speak Japanese, so I am sorry for the poor grammar.) Personal edits are accepted. <3 Commercial use, self-made remarks, or malicious use is prohibited. You can leave suggestions and ask for new parts from Twitter @mellocide. There are no options to color the hair because there are too many colors to choose from. By editing, you can color your hair yourself. An option for zombie squid/octpus hair is included. The illustration style does not include a mouth or body.

po [email protected] --- (I can't communicate in Japanese, so I am upset for the unfortunate language.) Individual alters are acknowledged. <3 Business use, independent comments, or malevolent use is denied. You can leave ideas and request new parts from Twitter @mellocide. There are no choices to variety the hair since there are an excessive number of varieties to browse. By altering, you can variety your hair yourself. A possibility for zombie squid/octpus hair is incorporated. The outline style does exclude a mouth or body.

(Translated by 'Google translate')