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Hemlock the Tiefling
Hemlock the Tiefling(Translated by 'Google translate')
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Everyone else keeps having "what my character wears today" images, so now I will, too. . Hemlock is a divination wizard and a brute fighter. They like coffee, lying, and making sure their friends' relationships don't explode because of the friends' stupidity. . Find me on Instagram! @letteredviolet . (A lot of the clothing options take direct inspiration from various things on HeavyRed.com)

Everyone else continues to have "what my personality wears today" pictures, so presently I will, as well. . Hemlock is a divination wizard and a savage contender. They like espresso, lying, and ensuring their companions' connections don't detonate in light of the companions' idiocy. . Track down me on Instagram! @letteredviolet . (A great deal of the dress choices take direct motivation from different things on HeavyRed.com)

(Translated by 'Google translate')