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head creator
head creator(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

make the back of your head. for personal / non-commercial use only. feel free to use as a profile picture! please credit @cybersoybean on twitter OR @noontimes on instagram. 商用利用/自作発言/トレース/二次配布はご遠慮ください ! NOTES: ◇ Some hats/accessories don't fit certain "big" hairstyles! Choose accordingly. ◇ Don't forget to check out ALL color options for each outfit. ◇ If you use the hijab, select NO hairstyle or bangs. ◇ You can use the arrow keys to adjust hats, accessories, and tattoos.

make the rear of your head. for individual/non-business utilize as it were. go ahead and use as a profile picture! if it's not too much trouble, credit @cybersoybean on twitter OR @noontimes on instagram. /// ! NOTES: A few caps/extras don't fit certain "large" haircuts! Pick appropriately. Remember to look at ALL variety choices for each outfit. Assuming you utilize the hijab, select NO haircut or bangs. You can utilize the bolt keys to change caps, frill, and tattoos.

(Translated by 'Google translate')