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Harp's Friend Maker
Harp's Friend Maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

Hi! If you want to use my picrew for an icon please credit by either linking back to this maker or to my instagram @harperhcc. I might update this with more items in the future, but for now its finished. I hope you enjoy it! ( Googleが翻訳したテキストで申し訳ありません。英語が私の唯一の言語です ) こんにちは! 私のpicrewをアイコンに使用したい場合は、このメーカーまたは私のInstagram @harperhccにリンクしてください。将来的にはもっと多くのアイテムでこれを更新するかもしれませんが、今のところそれは完成しています。あなたが楽しんでくれることを望みます!

Hi! To utilize my picrew for a symbol kindly credit by either connecting back to this creator or to my instagram @harperhcc. I could refresh this with additional things later on, yet for the present its done. I want to believe that you appreciate it! ( Google ) picrewInstagram @harperhcc

(Translated by 'Google translate')