greyscale spruce up game -

greyscale dress up game🦭☆
greyscale spruce up game(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

twt @mlkto_ / ig @pitypagn / tumblr @szivoszal ❗️for personal use only! not for commercial use, not for altering/editing. ❗️個人使用のみ! 商用目的ではなく、改造用でもありません。 🌱the 3 accessory groups are on different layers; so if there is a problem with layering please try the item in another accessory group! though there are layering problems i couldn't solve, mostly with hats. 🌱i recommend choosing simpler facial features if the hair/clothing items are more complicated and vice versa. certain features/items suit each other more than others.

twt @mlkto_/ig @pitypagn/tumblr @szivoszal for individual utilize as it were! not so much for business use, not really for adjusting/altering. the 3 embellishment bunches are on various layers; so on the off chance that there is an issue with layering kindly attempt the thing in another extra gathering! however there are layering issues I was unable to settle, generally with caps. I suggest picking less complex facial highlights if the hair/clothing things are more muddled as well as the other way around. certain highlights/things suit each other more than others.

(Translated by 'Google translate')