funny eyepatch man -

funny eyepatch man
funny eyepatch man(Translated by 'Google translate')
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(totally not ma-gee-ma) i love goblin man so do you of course only couple of suits and hairstyles is not enough for a full maker but well... i overestimated my abilities. it already took me whole day to create these sketches. maybe i'll add more in the future. but probably not .( here's my abandoned twitter page if you want to beat the shit out of me (or kiss me aha ha jk unless??) - (actually ill put it later just in case) - ~~ enjoy

(totally not mama hmm mama) I love troll man you do as well obviously just several suits and hairdos isn't enough for a full producer however well... I misjudged my capacities. it previously took me entire day to make these representations. perhaps i'll add more from now on. be that as it may, likely not .( here is my neglected twitter page to severely thrash me (or kiss me aha ha jk except if??) - (not well put it later for good measure) - ~~ enjoy

(Translated by 'Google translate')