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Fruit sona(Translated by 'Google translate')
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I like fruit so I made a fruit creator, ha ha. Please use the move and rotate features as there are many options, you may need to adjust positions of parts. Personal Use: SNS, creation of your own characters, etc ok but please do not claim credit for my art and please credit me if you use. Processing: Minor adjustment of images like color changes or small things like moles, mustache, writing is OK but please don't change it too much! Twitter: Tumblr: ------------------ Description made with translate service: 私は果物が好きなので、フルーツクリエーターを作りました、ハハ。 多くのオプションがあるため、移動および回転機能を使用してください。部品の位置を調整する必要がある場合があります。 個人的な使用:SNS、独自のキャラクターの作成などは問題ありませんが、私の芸術に対するクレジットを要求しないでください。使用する場合はクレジットしてください。 処理:色の変化やほくろ、口ひげ、書き込みなどの小さなもののような画像の微調整は問題ありませんが、あまり変更しないでください! Twitter: Tumblr:

I like natural product so I made an organic product maker, ha. If it's not too much trouble, utilize the move and pivot highlights as there are numerous choices, you might have to change places of parts. Individual Use: SNS, production of your own characters, and so on alright yet kindly don't guarantee credit for my specialty and if it's not too much trouble, credit me assuming that you use. Handling: Minor change of pictures like variety changes or little things like moles, mustache, composing is OK yet kindly don't change it to an extreme! Twitter: Tumblr: ------------------ Depiction made with interpret administration: SNS Twitter: Tumblr:

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