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fiammazzurra's avatar maker II
fiammazzurra's symbol producer II(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

welcome to my fantasy character creator! feel free to use this creator as an avatar, edit it, or share it online--have fun!--but please credit me and DO NOT remove my signature or use my art for commercial purposes. thanks! :) parts may be added or edited in the future, I am hoping to add more Black hairstyles and freckle/facepaint options especially, but I make no promises about timeline... 日本語(グーグル翻訳、ごめんなさい):こんにちは、私の新しいファンタジーキャラクタークリエーターへようこそ!これを非営利目的で使用したり、編集したり、オンラインで共有したりすることはできますが、クレジットを付けてください。署名を削除したり、商業的に使用したりしないでください。ありがとう! :)

welcome to my dream character maker! go ahead and utilize this maker as a symbol, alter it, or offer it on the web - have a great time!- - however if it's not too much trouble, credit me and DO NOT eliminate my mark or utilize my specialty for business purposes. much obliged! :) parts might be added or altered from now on, I am wanting to add more Black hairdos and spot/facepaint choices particularly, yet I make no commitments about timetable... :)

(Translated by 'Google translate')