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felidaze's boss creator(Translated by 'Google translate')
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warrior cats inspired, but can be used for anything :) looking for more advanced markings? check out my original picrew! https://picrew.to/image_maker/254030 not intended to be a "better" picrew, just wanted to experiment with making something new ^^ --- UPDATED 10/31/2021 --- contact / credit info: tumblr: @felidform twitter: @felidaze_ toyhouse: @luxray (please only credit me as the image artist, not the character creator. you can just credit this picrew's link as the artist if you want) --- you may edit/draw over what you make as long as i am still credited for the original image. you are free to post the images on social media as you'd like. this picrew is for personal, non-commercial use only. images made here may not be sold for real or virtual currency.

warrior felines enlivened, however can be utilized for anything :) searching for further developed markings? look at my unique picrew! https://picrew.to/image_maker/254030 not planned to be a "superior" picrew, simply needed to try different things with making a new thing ^^ --- Refreshed 10/31/2021 --- contact/credit data: tumblr: @felidform twitter: @felidaze_ toyhouse: @luxray (if it's not too much trouble, just acknowledge me as the picture craftsman, not the person maker. you can simply acknowledge this picrew's connection as the craftsman on the off chance that you need) --- you might alter/draw over what you make for however long I am as yet credited for the first picture. you are allowed to post the pictures via virtual entertainment as you'd like. this picrew is for individual, non-business utilize as it were. pictures made here may not be sold without a doubt or virtual currency.

(Translated by 'Google translate')