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Fat Bear Week
Fat Bear Week(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

Make yourself a bear to celebrate Fat Bear Week 2020! only fat bear fun allowed! No commercial use, feel free to use as icon. tag us in it!! art by prinsea.tumblr.com idea by andysmountains on instagram don't claim as ur own work! ファットベアウィーク2020を祝うために自分をクマにしましょう!太ったクマの楽しみだけが許されています!商用利用はできませんので、お気軽にアイコンとしてご利用ください。タグを付けてください!アートby prinsea.tumblr.comアイデアby andysmountains 自分の作品だと主張しないでください!

Make yourself a bear to observe Fat Bear Week 2020! just fat bear fun permitted! No business use, go ahead and use as symbol. label us in it!! craftsmanship by prinsea.tumblr.com thought by andysmountains on instagram don't guarantee as ur own work! 2020by prinsea.tumblr.comby andysmountains

(Translated by 'Google translate')