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Faelions Avatar Creator(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

Hello! Thank you for playing my Picrew ! ✦ PLEASE READ RULES! ✦NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY ✦ PLEASE consider using the arrows to adjust items, hair and many other parts ✦ Some items do not have all colors! ✦ You may use these for icons, character creation, or whatever personal use! ✦ You are allowed to draw over and edit the art ✦ this is my first time drawing a lot of POC features so if there is something i should redo, let me know! 私のPicrewをプレイしていただきありがとうございます。 ✦ルールをお読みください。 ✦非商用利用のみです。 ✦アイテムや髪などのパーツは矢印で調整してください。 ✦アイテムには色がないものがあります。 ✦アイコンやキャラクター作成など、個人的な使用はOKです。 ✦絵の上書きや編集もOK! どこかに掲載される場合は、クレジットをお願いしたいです (@faelions on twitter) あなたが作ったものを私に見せるために、自由にタグ付けしてください! ぜひ見てみたいです。 また、暇なときにでも機能を追加していきたいと思っています。 自分の作品だと主張しないでください。 I would like to be credited if posted somewhere please! (@faelions on twitter) Feel free to tag me to show me what you've made! I'd love to see it. I am also open to adding more features when I am not busy. DO NOT CLAIM AS YOUR OWN ART.

Hello! Much obliged to you for playing my Picrew ! Kindly READ RULES! NON-COMMERCIAL USE ONLY Kindly think about utilizing the bolts to change things, hair and numerous different parts A few things don't have all tones! You might utilize these for symbols, character creation, or whatever individual use! You are permitted to draw over and alter the craftsmanship this is my most memorable time drawing a ton of POC includes so on the off chance that there is something I ought to re-try, let me know! Picrew Alright Alright! (@faelions on twitter) ! I might want to be credited in the event that posted some place please! (@faelions on twitter) Go ahead and label me to show me what you've made! I'd very much want to see it. I'm likewise open to adding more highlights when I am not occupied. Try not to CLAIM AS YOUR OWN ART.

(Translated by 'Google translate')