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evl For You.
evl For You.(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

由于没弄懂画布大小和放大缩小的关系,所以画的尺寸问题很大……每个部件都有不需要的放大缩小,可以忽略()其它已经尽量回避了 用手机画来传去,软件和网页每分钟都在崩了又白屏 大概勉强可以用了吧…… qq2792314912 有画的不好的地方欢迎来找我 我一定一个一个地 登门道歉(哭着.jpg 因为源文件都被删了所以只能就这样了

Since I didn't understand the relationship between canvas size and zoom in and out, the size of the painting is a big problem... Each component has unnecessary zoom in and out, you can ignore () Others have tried to avoid using mobile phone paintings to pass around, software and The page crashes and goes blank every minute Probably barely usable... qq2792314912 If there are bad places in the painting, please come to me and I will definitely apologize to you one by one (crying.jpg That's all because the source files have been deleted.

(Translated by 'Google translate')