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emo maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

이모/고스/펑크/메탈 e boy를 만들어보세요 emo goth punk metal edgy long hair boy * 출처 지우지 않고 상업적 이용만 안하면 어디든 사용 가능 (유튜브, 트위치 등 방송용은 사용 금함) * 모든 연락은 아래의 아이디로 문의 부탁드립니다 * Don't delete the signature on the top left. * Don't use pic for commercially * Don't repaint picture. Contact me If you have anything you want to add (Insta @HAAAENAAA) * Not available for broadcast purposes * As long as you are careful with these, you are free to use them. __________ Thank you for making * 락밴드 티셔츠와 머리색 등등 파츠는 계속 추가 예정임니다ㅇㅇ 재밌게 즐겨주세요 락찔님들

///e kid emotional goth punk metal tense long hair kid * (, ) * * Try not to erase the mark on the upper left. * Try not to utilize pic for industrially * Try not to repaint picture. Reach me If you have anything you need to add (Insta @HAAAENAAA) * Not accessible for broadcast purposes * However long you are cautious with these, you are allowed to utilize them. __________ Much obliged to you for making *

(Translated by 'Google translate')