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DrakaMaker (Fantasy アイコンメーカー)
DrakaMaker (Fantasy Icon Maker)(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

Art by / 作られた Victoria C. (@sparrowseeds on Instagram) This maker features art of several different species and cultures in a fantasy webcomic I've been scripting: Draka (angel-like), humans, and dragon-born (offspring of Draka and humans). I may update this someday once the comic is finished! / このメーカーは自分が作っているファンタジーウェブコミックに出てくる種族(天使の様なドラカ、人間、それからドラカと人の間に生れた竜の子)や文化の絵を紹介しています。 コミックが出来終わると同時にアップデートをしていく予定です! Feel free to use this for / 個人使用のみ: - personal icons (with credit) / プロフィールの画像 (クレジットしてください) - designing characters (with credit) / キャラクターを作成する (クレジットしてください) Please do NOT / バツ: - remove the watermarks / 透かしを取り除く - claim this as your own art / 所有権主張する - use commercially or for profit / 商用利用, ビジネス, 利益を生み出す Thank you! Click the pink button to start, and have fun! :) ありがとう, 楽しんでくださいね!:)

Art by/Victoria C. (@sparrowseeds on Instagram) This creator highlights craft of a few distinct animal groups and societies in a dream webcomic I've been prearranging: Draka (holy messenger like), people, and winged serpent conceived (posterity of Draka and people). I might refresh this some time or another once the comic is done! / ! Go ahead and utilize this for/: - individual symbols (with credit)/() - planning characters (with credit)/() Kindly don't/: - eliminate the watermarks/ - guarantee this as your own specialty/ - use financially or for benefit/, , Much obliged to you! Click the pink button to begin, and have some good times! :) , :)

(Translated by 'Google translate')