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Daniel's Masquerade
Daniel's Masquerade(Translated by 'Google translate')
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We all hide it. Don't even bother waking him up ... Maybe you will understand this after you realize that you are already destroyed ... MAYBE ... This will be the beginning ... but I have no idea what the end will be ... Listen John can this be a masquerade ??? Daniel (as you already understood this is a masquerade ... do not be surprised at the white face, because it's all just a mask ...heh)

We all conceal it. Don't for a moment even irritation awakening him ... Perhaps you will comprehend this after you understand that you are as of now obliterated ... Perhaps ... This will be the start ... however, I have no clue about what the end will be ... Listen John can this be a disguise ??? Daniel (as you previously comprehended this is a disguise ... try not to be shocked at the white face, since it's all a veil ...heh)

(Translated by 'Google translate')