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*Simplified Chinese* polandball maker制作出的图片可以制作成视频,漫画,头像和表情包,但不能作为单图上传。可以上传至任何平台。可以对图片做出修改,不能进行商用;制作视频请在视频或简介里标注一下这个网址的链接!谢谢配合! (贴心提示:点右下角的红色按钮开始制作) ------ 特别注意:由于picrew的奇妙bug,一些旗帜会画出框/有白边,可以通过: 点击轮廓选择栏-选择十字移动按钮 来移动轮廓的位置,在此造成不便非常抱歉. ------ 在此鸣谢:bilibili@共产苏俄球 提供的各种旗帜,枪械 谢谢b站的各位的支持!OTZ ------ 作者哔哩哔哩:-喇叭人- [email protected] 欢迎来投递意见!! ----- 2.2.0 10/2 背景板终于出了!! 修改了一些道具透明的问题 2.1.1 9/3 更新了非常多的球球! 最近忙着补暑假作业还开了很多新坑,所以没怎么进展,非常抱歉! 2.1.0 8/7 更新了旗帜分组系统 使用颜色来分组旗帜! 旗帜预览图上有斜线分割两个不同的国旗时,可以点击颜色盘按钮来切换国旗。(这样是为了节省空间,并且可以过审与满足要求两者兼顾) 2.0.2 7/29 新增俄罗斯奥委会球 新增排球,乒乓,泳镜 2.0.1 7/25 修改了一些偏离的眼睛 改善了部分饰品和表情的材质 增加哭泣表情! 2.0 7/21 更新了砖砖们!本次添加3个砖 添加了枪械!感谢b站的各位提供的灵感!本次添加3支枪 添加了更多物品! 表情超多增加!! 大排版! 1.3.2 7/12 新增了7个新国家 1.3.1 7/3 新增土耳其,立陶宛,塞尔维亚等 修复了一些阴影和底旗错位的问题 新增各种表情,装饰 1.3.0 6/25 失踪人口回归! 给球球们加上了轮廓 增加了更多球! 增加猫耳和胡须 重绘了一些物品 1.2.0 5/28 重绘了眼睛,现在支持三个颜色 增加了眼罩球,眼镜部分~ 1.1.0 5/23 增加了蘇聯和他的一些小球们 增加了物品部分,阴影部分(^_^)/ 1.0 5/15 初版 表情,眼睛,装饰,17个旗帜

*Simplified Chinese* The pictures produced by Polandball maker can be made into videos, comics, avatars and emoticons, but cannot be uploaded as a single image. Can be uploaded to any platform. The pictures can be modified, but not for commercial use; please mark the link of this URL in the video or introduction to make a video! Thank you for your cooperation! (Intimate tip: click the red button in the lower right corner to start making) ------ Special Note: Due to picrew's wonderful bug, some flags are framed/white bordered, which can be done by: Click the outline selection bar - select the cross move button to move the outline position, sorry for the inconvenience. ------ Thanks here: bilibili@Communist Soviet Russia Ball provides various flags and firearms Thank you for your support at station b! OTZ ------ Author Bilibili: -horn man- [email protected] Welcome to submit comments! ! ----- 2.2.0 10/2 The background board is finally out! ! Fixed some issues with prop transparency 2.1.1 9/3 Updated a lot of balls! Recently, I have been busy with my summer homework and have opened a lot of new pits, so I haven't made much progress. I'm very sorry! 2.1.0 8/7 Updated flag grouping system to use colors to group flags! When there is a diagonal line dividing two different national flags on the flag preview, you can click the color wheel button to switch the national flag. (This is to save space, and to pass the review and meet the requirements at the same time) 2.0.2 7/29 Added Russian Olympic Committee Ball Added Volleyball, Table Tennis, Swimming Goggles 2.0.1 7/25 Modified some deviated eyes, improved the texture of some accessories and expressions, and added a crying expression! 2.0 7/21 Updated Bricks! This time, 3 bricks are added to add firearms! Thanks for the inspiration from all of you! This time adding 3 guns adds more items! The expression is super increased! ! Great typography! 1.3.2 7/12 Added 7 new countries 1.3.1 7/3 Added Turkey, Lithuania, Serbia, etc. Fixed some misplaced shadows and bottom flags Added various expressions and decorations 1.3.0 6/25 Missing Persons Return! Outlined the balls and added more balls! Added cat ears and whiskers and redrawn some items 1.2.0 5/28 Redrawn the eyes, now supports three colors. Added blindfold balls and glasses~ 1.1.0 5/23 Added the Soviet Union and some of his balls. Added item parts, shaded parts (^_^)/ 1.0 5/15 Initial emotes, eyes, decorations, 17 flags

(Translated by 'Google translate')