Cool fellow maker -

Cool guy maker (クールな男メーカー)
Cool fellow maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

Hi everyone! My name is Droid! (I'm not Japanese so i'll be using "Google Translate" for the translation, sorry!) This is my first ever icon maker so please be kind, nothing here is perfect! Two simple rules: - Don't use this commercially. - Don't creddit this as your own. My Twitter is "@DroidSecond", if you want to see more of my art, i'm still learning my anime style! Enjoy! 皆さんこんにちは!私の名前はドロイドです! (私は日本語ではないので、翻訳には「Google翻訳」を使用します。申し訳ありません!) これは私の最初のアイコンメーカーですので、親切にしてください、ここで完璧なものはありません! 2つの単純なルール: -これを商業的に使用しないでください。 -これを自分のものと信用しないでください。 私のTwitterは「@DroidSecond」です。私のアートをもっと見たい場合は、アニメスタイルを学習しています。 楽しい!

Hi everybody! I go by Droid! (I'm not Japanese so i'll utilize "Google Translate" for the interpretation, apologies!) This is my very first symbol producer so if it's not too much trouble, be caring, nothing here is great! Two straightforward principles: - Try not to utilize this economically. - Don't creddit this as your own. My Twitter is "@DroidSecond", if you need to see a greater amount of my specialty, i'm actually learning my anime style! Appreciate! Google 2 - - Twitter@DroidSecond

(Translated by 'Google translate')