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Collect zoi funny meme
Collect zoi amusing meme(Translated by 'Google translate')
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Update 22.10.2021 Hello, my name is Duong (my English is not very good). This is my first product. This is a meme character, they are used quite widely in Vietnam (I'm not sure about that?). This is a collection of meme characters and I took the idea from that meme character to draw a few other versions, I want you to be able to expose that meme. In the near future I will update more new versions and there will be some small errors in the process of creating characters, you can contribute your comments here: I hope everyone will have a good experience.( actually I got the idea from the character image of a Vietnamese youtuber named Zoi Funny =))))

Update 22.10.2021 Hi, I go by Duong (my English isn't awesome). This is my most memorable item. This is an image character, they are utilized generally in Vietnam (I'm not certain?). This is an assortment of image characters and I took the thought from that image character to draw a couple of different renditions, I believe you should have the option to uncover that image. Sooner rather than later I will refresh all the more new forms and there will be a few little blunders during the time spent making characters, you can contribute your remarks here: I trust everybody will have a decent encounter.( really I understood from the person picture of a Vietnamese youtuber named Zoi Funny =))))

(Translated by 'Google translate')