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Character Randomizer
Character Randomizer(Translated by 'Google translate')
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Get a randomized list of traits and try draw it! You don't have to follow the list completely, if you want your characters to have some specific traits then do so! I made this randomizer for myself and friends, so don't send me any complaints or telling me that I have to add some stuff! Just don't use this randomizer if you're not happy about it!! *Note: Skin colors: "White - Gray - Black" was meant as in the grayscale, I wrote the natural skin colors as "Light - Tanned - Dark" and I'm not sure if I can write it in another way and I don't want to add the exact skin tones because I want you to choose the skin tone instead, I'm sorry if this offended anyone, and once again you don't have to follow the randomized list completely, add the things you want and most importantly you should have fun with it. _________________________________

Get a randomized rundown of qualities and attempt draw it! You don't need to follow the rundown totally, in the event that you believe your characters should have a few explicit qualities, do as such! I made this randomizer for me and companions, so don't send me any grumblings or letting me know that I need to add some stuff! Simply don't utilize this randomizer in the event that you're troubled about it!! *Note: Once more skin tones: "White - Gray - Black" was implied as in the grayscale, I composed the normal skin tones as "Light - Tanned - Dark" and I don't know whether I can compose it in another manner and I would rather not add the specific complexions since I believe that you should pick the complexion all things being equal, I'm grieved if this annoyed anybody, and you don't need to follow the randomized rundown totally, add the things you need and in particular you ought to play around with it. _________________________________

(Translated by 'Google translate')