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character maker • キャラクターメーカー
character creator Character maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

⭐ Features ⭐ • Multi-colored hair! Supports different hair, bangs, fringe, and buns • Pride flag or plain backgrounds! ⭐機能⭐ •マルチカラーの髪! さまざまな髪、前髪、フリンジ、パンをサポートします •プライドフラッグまたは無地の背景! Please DON'T: - use your creations for commercial use - claim them as your own art Please DO: - Use your creation as an avatar/on social media (credits are appreciated)

Features Multi-shaded hair! Upholds different hair, bangs, periphery, and buns Pride banner or plain foundations! Kindly DON'T: - utilize your manifestations for business use - guarantee them as your own specialty Kindly DO: - Utilize your creation as a symbol/via web-based entertainment (credits are appreciated)

(Translated by 'Google translate')