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character creator! (アイコンメーカー)
character maker! ()(Translated by 'Google translate')
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ENGLISH: hello! this is my first picrew — i tried to make it as diverse as possible! it's meant as a character creator, but could easily make an icon :) - free to use as long as you don't claim as your own and do not remove my signature! i would appreciate you link this account or my tumblr: lilahkaminsky :)! - i sell commissions on my tumblr – please go check them out! have a lovely day! JAPANESE: 謝罪。私は日本語を話せません-これはグーグル翻訳されています。読みやすいことを願っています-- こんにちは!これは私の最初のpicrewです。できる限り多様性を追求しました! -自由に使用できますが、自分のものとして主張したり、私の署名を削除したりしないでください!このアカウントまたは私のtumblr:lilahkaminsky :)にリンクしていただければ幸いです。 -私は私のtumblrで手数料を売ります-それらをチェックしてください! ごきげんよう !

ENGLISH: hi! this is my first picrew I attempted to make it as different as could be expected! it's implied as a person maker, however could without much of a stretch make a symbol :) - allowed to use as long as you don't guarantee as your own and don't eliminate my mark! I would see the value in you connect this record or my tumblr: lilahkaminsky :)! - I sell commissions on my tumblr kindly go look at them! have a wonderful day! JAPANESE: - - - picrew -tumblrlilahkaminsky :) -tumblr- !

(Translated by 'Google translate')