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Bountiful Bees
Bountiful Bees(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

Free for personal use with credit/link back to here! Editing within reason is alright. May NOT be used for profit in any way, including making NFTs out of these images. Do not claim as your own art. v0.1: Base Version -B/W versions for body, eye, mouth, wing, and antennae lines -18 body/stripe colors, 2 stripe designs -6 eyes, 8 mouths, 3 antennae, 3 objects to 'hold' -4 wing designs, opaque and 75% opacity -6 backgrounds Future plans: -Pride buttons -Pride stripes -More decorations -Stingers Thanks for using my picrew! A discord server link will be added in future versions if you want to suggest additions, share your creations, etc.

Free for individual use with credit/connect back to here! Altering sensibly speaking is okay. May NOT be utilized for benefit in any capacity, including making NFTs out of these pictures. Try not to guarantee as your own specialty. v0.1: Base Version -B/W renditions for body, eye, mouth, wing, and recieving wires lines -18 body/stripe tones, 2 stripe plans -6 eyes, 8 mouths, 3 radio wires, 3 items to 'hold' -4 wing plans, hazy and 75% haziness -6 foundations Likely arrangements: -Pride buttons -Pride stripes -More enrichments -Stingers Gratitude for utilizing my picrew! A strife server connection will be included future variants if you have any desire to just propose increases, share your manifestations, etc.

(Translated by 'Google translate')