beecrew (honey bee symbol maker) -

beecrew ( 蜂 アイコンメーカー )
beecrew (honey bee symbol maker)(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

BEES!!! wip . . . stay tuned for updates! feel free to use as social media icons! credit appreciated :) if posted on twitter, plz tag me (@eel_teeth)!! i wanna see! holler at me if u have ideas/requests for future updates!! me: ALSO shoutout 2 @merrinmeredith (twitter) for their rad picrew tutorial!

BEES!!! wip . . . remain tuned for refreshes! go ahead and use as online entertainment symbols! credit appreciated :) whenever posted on twitter, please label me (@eel_teeth)!! I want to see! holler at me assuming u have thoughts/demands for future updates!! me: Additionally holler 2 @merrinmeredith (twitter) for their rad picrew tutorial!

(Translated by 'Google translate')