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Completely standard Antigravity schoolmate maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

✦JP✦ (悪い日本語でごめんなさい、僕は翻訳者を使いました) 私のプロジェクト「Antigravity」のキャラクターに合うように、あなた自身の完全に普通の中学生を作ってください。 アイコンやキャラクターのインスピレーションとしてお気軽にご利用ください。 必ずクレジットを付与し、商業目的で使用しないでください。 ✦まだ作業中です! v1.0:最も優先度の高いパーツ(顔の特徴、髪の毛、服)で公開 ✦計画中: -より多くのヘアアクセサリー -手 -より多くの背景 -肌/顔のアクセサリー -一般的にもっと多くのアクセサリー -ブレード -多分もっと ✦EN✦ Make your own completely normal middle school student to fit in with characters from my project Antigravity. Feel free to use as icons or character inspiration. Make sure to give credit and don't use for any commercial purposes. ✦Still a work in progress! v1.0: published with the most high priority parts (facial features, hair, clothes) ✦In the planning: -more hair accessories -hands -more backgrounds -skin/face accessories -more accessories in general -braids -maybe more

JP () Repulsive force v1.0 - - - -/ - - - EN Make your own totally ordinary center school understudy to find a place with characters from my task Antigravity. Go ahead and use as symbols or character motivation. Make a point to give credit and use for no business inspirations. Still a work underway! v1.0: distributed with the most high need parts (facial elements, hair, garments) In the preparation: -more hair frill -hands -more foundations -skin/face embellishments -more embellishments overall -plaits -perhaps more

(Translated by 'Google translate')