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Right confronting secret(Translated by 'Google translate')
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作者が作りたかった趣味メーカーです。 基本的に口元が隠れます 右向き秘密内緒話 [2020/07/09]追加:目ハイライト1、背景4 [2020/07/08]追加:後髪2、編み2、目グラデ ------------------------------ ⚠画像の利用範囲は【個人】のみとなっています。 [https://support.picrew.to/about_picrew_player] ------------------------------ ⭕️許可 └SNS、TRPGでの個人的使用(それに合わせたアイコンデコレーション&トリミング等はOK) └出力画像からのファンアート 🚫不可 └自作発言、トレス、過剰な加筆改造 └メーカー製だと分からないような使い方 └公開された愚痴SNSでのアイコン利用 ------------------------------ This maker is [PERSONAL USE ONLY] 〇PERMISSION - Use for SNS-icon (& decoration for icon) * Please write credit ⚠PROHIBITIONS - Unauthorized use - Reproduction & Modification Changing colour of parts (Hair, Eyes...)

It is a hobby maker that the author wanted to make. Basically the mouth is hidden Right-facing secret secret story [2020/07/09] Added: Eye highlight 1, background 4 [2020/07/08] Added: 2 back hair, 2 knitting, eye gradation ------------------------------ ⚠ The range of use of images is [Individual] only. [https://support.picrew.to/about_picrew_player] ------------------------------ ⭕️ Permission └ Personal use on SNS, TRPG (icon decoration & trimming etc. according to it is OK) └ Fan art from output images 🚫 Impossible └ Self-made remarks, tresses, excessive remodeling └ Usage that you do not know if it is made by the manufacturer └ Use of icons on published complaints SNS ------------------------------ This maker is [PERSONAL USE ONLY] 〇 PERMISSION --Use for SNS-icon (& decoration for icon) * Please write credit ⚠ PROHIBITIONS --Unauthorized use --Reproduction & Modification Changing color of parts (Hair, Eyes ...)

(Translated by 'Google translate')