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Shigeru Men's Maker ()(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

Let's make your own "Shigeru-boy" !! Long hair option only for now(possible to make as a short haired), because I LOVE long haired guy. PLEASE state the URL of this maker and my sns ID if you post a image from this maker on your sns or somewhere. DO NOT try to sell, make money with this, and pretend as a its your art work!! I hope you enjoy playing it! 🙆‍♀️→Personal use 🙅‍♀️→Any commercial use Creator→Shigeru @hellomadjackass (Twitter/Instagram) ※Last update→04/26 イカすなロン毛男子を作ろうぜ~~ アウトロー&厳つい感じな長髪に特化したメーカーです!(ショートヘアー可能) 私の趣味しかぶち込んでないので色々と偏ってますがご了承ください🙇‍♀️ 加工や個人利用(アイコン等)など好きにしていただいて良いですが、どこかに画像を投稿される際はこのメーカーのURLと私のSNSのIDを明記してください!どんな理由であれお金が絡むのもダメです!よろしくお願いします。 🙆‍♀️OK!→加工を含む個人利用 🙅‍♀️NO!→商用利用 作った人→しげる @hellomadjackass(Twitter/Instagram) ※最終更新→04/26

Let's make your own "Shigeru-kid" !! Long hair choice just for now(possible to make as a short haired), on the grounds that I LOVE long haired person. If it's not too much trouble, express the URL of this producer and my sns ID in the event that you post a picture from this creator on your sns or some place. Try not to attempt to sell, bring in cash with this, and imagine as an its your fine art!! I truly want to believe that you appreciate playing it! Individual use Any business use CreatorShigeru @hellomadjackass (Twitter/Instagram) Last update04/26 () ()URLSNSID Alright! NO! @hellomadjackass(Twitter/Instagram) 04/26

(Translated by 'Google translate')