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Esthetic kid Meikaa(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

🌸儚ゲナ雰囲気ノ御耽美ナ美少年ヲ作リマセウ🌸 商用で無ければ個人の範囲で自由に利用することが可能です。 自作発言などはおやめください。 なるべくURLを残したままか、「#御耽美美少年めゑかあ」のタグをつけて投稿して下さると作者が喜びます。 美少年だけでなく、美少女も制作できます。 Twitter/@_shichinatsu_ Instagram/@oxygen0716 Copyright © 2019 shichinatsu

🌸 Transient Gena Atmosphere No Aestheticism Boy Wo's Remaseu 🌸 If it is not for commercial use, it can be used freely within the range of individuals. Please refrain from making your own remarks. The author will be pleased if you leave the URL as much as possible, or post it with the tag "# Aesthetic Boy Meikaa". Not only beautiful boys but also beautiful girls can be produced. Twitter / @ _shichinatsu_ Instagram / @ oxygen0716 Copyright © 2019 shichinatsu

(Translated by 'Google translate')