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Loose kid maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
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試作品なのでバグが多いかもしれません。後ほど修正する予定があります。 一言でいうとゆるふわな日常系デフォルメ男の子を作れます。 (が、日常系とは思えない髪型が多すぎるかも…) 自分の趣味の塊なので偏りがひどいです。 まだまだ描きたいパーツがいっぱいあるので近頃追加します。 自由度を求めるため多くの顔パーツが動けます。ランダムからドブスが出る可能性が高いですのでランダムはお勧めしません。 アイコンやヘッダーなど○ 加工○ 自作発言✖ 同人グッズとして配布✖ (ただし個人用は可) お問い合わせは質問箱まで https://peing.net/ja/mirukudonatu twi:@mirukudonatu ✽+†+✽――✽+†+✽――✽+†+✽―― 【以下は中国語説明】 第一次做捏人 bug很多 欢迎捉虫 是可以捏软软的日常系小哥哥的捏人(然而发型一点都不日常) 不推荐随机因为随机出来的都很丑 头像or个人主页装饰√ 加笔√ 自作发言✖ 批量制作同人商品✖(自用范围可以) 对部件有任何意见或要求请至上面贴的质问箱or微博相关宣传po(会置顶) 微博@阿圈诺夫卡_

Since it is a prototype, there may be many bugs. I plan to fix it later. In a word, you can make a loose and fluffy everyday deformed boy. (But there may be too many hairstyles that don't seem to be everyday ...) It's a lump of my hobbies, so the bias is terrible. There are still many parts I want to draw, so I will add them recently. Many face parts can be moved to seek freedom. Random is not recommended as there is a high possibility that Dobbs will come out from random. Icons, headers, etc. ○ Processing ○ Self-made remarks ✖ Distributed as coterie goods ✖ (However, personal use is possible) For inquiries, please contact the question box https://peing.net/ja/mirukudonatu twi: @mirukudonatu ✽ + † + ✽――✽ + † + ✽――✽ + † + ✽―― [The following is an explanation in Chinese] World War I bug It is possible to have a daily life style, a small hairstyle, and a hairstyle. Randomness Randomness Cause Randomness Avatar or personal web page √ Avatar √ Self-made utterance ✖ Criticism production Doujinshi ✖ (Self-made 范 围 Can) Opinion, request, request, request, question box or Weibo Weibo @ 圈诺 卡 _

(Translated by 'Google translate')