Peel-pre-canned maker -

껍질-미리깐 메이커
Peel-pre-canned maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

껍질-미리깐 메이커 / Pre-Cracked maker 엑스트라A twitter @extra_nocpno email [email protected] 2022/01/30 제 picrew를 NFT로 등록하지 마세요. DON'T REGISTER MY PICREW AS NFT. ~이용규약 / Terms of Use~ 자캐, 커뮤 및 TRPG, 프로필 사진, 가공, 영상에 활용 등 전부 악의적으로 사용하거나 사칭/도용하지 않는 등의 '''상식적인 선'''에서 마음대로 사용하셔도 됩니다. 그림 구석에 넣어둔 출처 표시는 사정상 지워야 한다면 따로 표기해 주세요. 기본적으로는 프리 소스 취급으로 써도 되지만, 상업적 사용의 경우 용도를 알려주시면 더욱 감사합니다. ※ not good English because I use a translator OC, Roll-playing communities and TRPGs, profile picture, retouching, streaming videos, and more are all common sense. (Do not impersonate or steal) If you need to erase the source mark in the corner of the picture, please indicate it separately. Basically, it can be used as a free source, but for commercial use, I would appreciate it even more if you let me know the purpose. 릴리즈: 2021. 4. 8 +4.13 모종의 사유로 메이커 이름이 변경되었습니다.

-/Pre-Cracked producer A twitter @extra_nocpno email [email protected] 2022/01/30 picrew NFT . Try not to REGISTER MY PICREW AS NFT. ~ / Terms of Use~ , TRPG, , , / ''' ''' . . , . bad English since I utilize an interpreter OC, Roll-playing networks and TRPGs, profile picture, modifying, web based recordings, and more are presence of mind. (Try not to mimic or take) On the off chance that you really want to delete the source mark toward the edge of the image, if it's not too much trouble, show it independently. Essentially, it very well may be utilized as a free source, yet for business use, I would see the value in it considerably more in the event that you let me in on the reason. : 2021. 4. 8 +4.13 .

(Translated by 'Google translate')