Two manufacturers -

Two manufacturers(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

かわいい?ふたりが作れます。 色選択から肌の色を合わせられるパーツがあります。 ランダムだと変になってしまうパーツがあります。その都度調整してください。 ※自作発言や二次配布、商用利用はお控えください。個人の範囲でお願いします。また愚痴垢やR18垢、人を攻撃するような垢等での使用もお控えください。 追加等のご要望等があればこちらへお願いします。 [更新] 3/22 リリース 3/24 黒目,お洋服,等追加 3/28 お洋服,背景色,ピアス,口,目,等追加 4/11 糸目追加,調整 4/12 白髪追加,調整

cute? You can make two. There are parts that can match the skin color from the color selection. There are some parts that would be strange if they were random. Please adjust each time. * Please refrain from making your own comments, secondary distribution, and commercial use. I would like it within the range of individuals. Also, please refrain from using it with complaints, R18 stains, or stains that attack people. If you have any requests for additions, please contact us. [update] 3/22 release 3/24 Black eyes, clothes, etc. added 3/28 Add clothes, background color, earrings, mouth, eyes, etc. 4/11 Thread addition, adjustment 4/12 Addition of white hair, adjustment

(Translated by 'Google translate')