Sora and Bubebi-chan maker -

Sora and Bubebi-chan maker(Translated by 'Google translate')
Non commercial

いやー!すごいね! 自分でアイコンメーカーが作れるなんて楽しすぎた! いい時代だ!! メモ *見切り発車でつくった為  アイテム種類など偏ってます! *「全てランダム」でコーヒー吹けます!! *補充・更新あるかもしれないけど未定!! *今は新作のメーカー作り中! いやー楽しい!! お絵かき最高だね🎈🎈🎈 ⭕️SNSアイコン等の使用OK ⭕️個人で楽しむ範囲内の使用OK ⭕️サイズ調整トリミング保存OK ⭕️もうなんでもOK!! ⭕️遊んで楽しんで頂ければ超OK ⚠️自作発言・二次配布は禁止! ▼Twitter たくさん遊んでもらえて 嬉しいです!

No! amazing! It was too much fun to be able to make an icon maker yourself! It's a good time! !! Memo * Because it was made with a close-out departure Item types are biased! * You can blow coffee "all at random"! !! * Replenishment - Update may be available, but undecided! !! * Now we are making a new maker! No, it's fun! !! Drawing is the best 🎈🎈🎈 ⭕️ Use of SNS icons etc. OK ⭕️ Use within the range of personal enjoyment OK ⭕️ Size adjustment Trimming Save OK ⭕️ Anything is OK! !! ⭕️ Super OK if you enjoy playing ⚠️ Self-made remarks - Secondary distribution is prohibited! ▼ Twitter Have a lot of play I'm happy!

(Translated by 'Google translate')